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New Bedford Cable Access
Winner of 2007 Overall Excellence in PEG Access
Awarded by The Alliance for Community Media

The New Bedford Cable Access Studios are located at 918 South Rodney French Boulevard, New Bedford, MA 02744. We operate three television Channels in the City of New Bedford, Channel 17, 18, and 95. Staff have been working out of this building since March of 1994, but the television channels officially went "on the air" in March of 1995. We are run by the City of New Bedford but we are funded through an annual grant from Comcast Cable.

Channel 18 is for Government Access Programming . Any New Bedford elected official, appointed official, City Department Head is eligible for Government Access Programming. There are no endorsements of political candidates, parties, or ballot issues or participation by any political candidate or supporter(s) for the purpose of campaigning or otherwise soliciting public support for any candidate, party, or ballot issue in a political election.

Types of programs aired on this channel include programming of an emergency nature involving public health or safety matters, mayoral press conferences, state of the city addresses, and other speeches. City council meetings are broadcast in their entirety as are board or commission meetings of significanct public interest. Public forums on particular issues may also be run if all sides have an opportunity to participate.

Channel 95 is the Public Access Channel . The purpose of Public Access is to provide New Bedford residents and organizations a means to produce a wide variety of cable television programs about their experiences, concerns and interests. Public Access provides access to video equipment, training and channel time to individuals and organizations in New Bedford on a first-come, first-serve, non-discriminatory basis. Any New Bedford Resident or organization is eligible to become a Public Access user. Participants must have proof of residency, take part in an orientation session and complete a required equipment training program before they are able to use the equipment.

Channel 17 is the Educational Access Channel. All public, parochial or other non-profit schools recognized by the State Department of Education are eligible for programming on Channel 17. Also eligible; U-Mass Dartmouth and Bristol Community College.

Types of programs aired on Channel 17 include school graduations, concerts, and plays. School Committee meetings, reading programs, educational forums, school athletic events, educational programming from NASA and the University of CA Television (UCTV).

Department Divisions:

Government & Educational Access
Public Access
Viewer Feedback Line
Business Hours :
Mon. & Tues. - 9:00 am - 8:30 pm
Wed. - Fri. - 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Sat. & Sun. - closed

918 S. Rodney French Blvd. - New Bedford, MA 02744 - Tel: 508-979-1775 - Fax: 508-979-1764
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