City Launches New, Convenient Mobile Payment App for Parking at Metered Spaces in Downtown

New Bedford, Massachusetts– The City of New Bedford has launched a new, convenient mobile payment app for motorists to use when parking at Parking Mobile App-resizedmetered spaces in the downtown business district. As of Saturday, April 1st, residents and visitors to the downtown can park and pay more quickly and easily using the free MobileNOW! App.

Using the free MobileNOW! app, customers can now manage their parking sessions remotely. Users will even receive an automatic reminder before their parking time expires and will have the option to remotely add time to their meter. (The 2-hour maximum on most meters still applies.)

“We always recommend parking at the public garages if you are visiting our downtown for the day. But if you’re stopping by a downtown restaurant, gallery or museum and your visit will be under 2 hours, parking at a metered space is even more convenient now with the mobile app,” said City Tourism and Marketing Director Dagny Ashley.

“Using MobileNOW! means faster parking, secure payment and total convenience,” said John Ogelsby, MobileNOW! President and CEO. “It’s a great way for customers to easily avoid a parking citation when a parking session is about to expire—one simple click is all it takes to extend your session.”

The meters will continue to accept quarters but the MobileNow! app technology will replace the meters’ existing credit card feature. The new program also allows users to dial and pay by phone if they do not have a smartphone or prefer not to use one. MobileNOW! provides real time integration with New Bedford’s enforcement system. Payment and transaction data is available in real time to New Bedford enforcement officers using Complus provided handheld devices and parking enforcement application.

Construction on Phase I of a project to renovate the Elm Street Parking Garage is also expected to begin in the next month. The renovation project will include structural repairs, enhancement of the façade as well as upgrade interior lighting and improved security.

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