Mayor Jon Mitchell throws support behind Revolution Wind’ offshore wind project

New Bedford, Massachusetts- This week, Mayor Jon Mitchell urged state Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Matthew Beaton to support Revolution Wind, an offshore wind project proposed by Deepwater Wind in response to section 83D of the comprehensive energy legislation passed on Beacon Hill last year (M.G.L. Ch. 188, Acts 2016).

Deepwater Wind’s Revolution Wind proposal under section 83D should not be confused with proposals submitted this week by three wind developers (Bay State Wind, Vineyard Wind, and Deepwater Wind) under section 83C of the energy bill.

Under 83D, Revolution Wind is the sole offshore wind proposal competing against dozens of Canadian hydro power proposals; land-based wind proposals from Maine and New York; and solar projects from around New England.  Of these, Revolution Wind is the only project within the 83D competition that would bring significant economic impact to New Bedford and the surrounding region.

In his letter to Secretary Beaton, Mayor Mitchell endorsed Deepwater’s Revolution Wind proposal.

“After careful assessment and extended discussions between our offshore wind development team and Deepwater Wind, I have come to the conclusion that Deepwater Wind’s commitment to use the Port of New Bedford for assembly and deployment of Revolution Wind’s wind towers and turbines (as well as for ongoing operation and maintenance activities) will have a significant impact on the City of New Bedford and the entire region,” he wrote.

“The offshore wind procurement decisions to be made by the Commonwealth in coming months will have lasting impact on New Bedford. It is therefore without hesitation that I offer my enthusiastic support for Deepwater Wind’s Revolution Wind project. Selecting Deepwater Wind to provide a small portion of the total energy procured with the section 83D solicitation is a sound public policy decision, grounded firmly in concrete business commitments and quantifiable local benefits.”

(See attachment: Mayor’s letter to Secretary Beaton)

About Revolution Wind

Deepwater Wind is proposing the 144-megawatt wind farm paired with a 10 MW battery storage system in response to the Commonwealth’s request for proposals for new sources of clean energy in Section 83D of the Act to Promote Energy Diversity. Deepwater Wind also provided alternative bids for a larger 288 MW version of Revolution Wind and a smaller 96 MW version.

At 144 megawatts, Revolution Wind could be built in a single construction season, and developed more cost-effectively, and with considerably less risk, than a larger project.

Deepwater Wind will build Revolution Wind in the company’s federal lease site off the coast of Massachusetts. The site is located 30 miles from the mainland and about 12 miles south of Martha’s Vineyard. The wind farm will be adjacent to Deepwater Wind’s South Fork Wind Farm, a 90 MW project serving Long Island. Fully-built, the lease site has the potential to host 2 gigawatts of offshore wind energy.

Revolution Wind is projected to exceed $250 million in economic impact associated with the project, as well as to create hundreds of construction jobs over a 2-3 year period, adding well-paying operations and maintenance jobs for more than three decades.  Deepwater Wind has committed its own staff to fishing-related matters during the course of developing Revolution Wind, and recruited the city’s Harbor Development Commission to serve as the principal liaison to the fishing industry.