The City of New Bedford is excited to be participating in the Massachusetts Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Program. This program helps communities to:

  • Define extreme weather and natural and climate related hazards
  • Understand how their community may be impacted by climate change with a Massachusetts specific climate change clearinghouse with the latest science and dataIdentify existing and future vulnerabilities and strengths
  • Develop and prioritize actions for the community
  • Identify opportunities to take action to reduce risk and build resilience
  • Implement key actions identified through the planning process

A municipality that completes the MVP becomes certified as an MVP Community and is eligible for follow-up grant funding and other opportunities to enhance its resilience to climate-related events and further its sustainability initiatives. New Bedford is one of the first communities to participate in this program. Given our location and our ties to the waterfront, it is essential that New Bedford is on the forefront when it comes to ensuring our community is prepared for and resilient to any potential hazard.

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