Policy on Library Behavior

Policy Statement:

Recognizing the need to maintain an environment suitable for studying, reading, browsing, and general use of library resources, the library board establishes the following rules of conduct to assure the safety of library users, personnel, and materials. We thank you for your cooperation.


  1. Be considerate of others using the library.
  2. Young children should be attended at all time (see “Policy on Unattended Children”)
  3. Cell phone use is prohibited in the library. Please shut it off when entering the building.
  4. Shoes and shirts or the equivalent are required.
  5. Smoking, eating, or drinking in the library is prohibited.
  6. Sleeping or soliciting is prohibited in the library or on library grounds.
  7. Disorderly or disruptive behavior is prohibited in the library or on library grounds.
  8. Harassment of library patrons or personnel is prohibited.
  9. Damaging library property is prohibited.
  10. Littering is prohibited in the library or on library grounds.
  11. Pets are not allowed on library premises, except for service animals.
  12. Talking to minors by adult users is prohibited unless the adult is a parent, other close relative, or caregiver of the minor.
  13. Follow the Internet Policy when online.

Entering the library or the library grounds implies agreement to abide by these rules while in the library. Violation of any of these rules may subject the individual(s) involved to exclusion from the library for a period of time.

The police will be called when:

  • A disruptive patron (adult or child) is asked to leave and refuses;
  • A child is left unattended in the library at closing time;
  • There is a theft;
  • A child is playing hooky and the truant officer cannot be reached;
  • A patron or staff member is attacked, molested, or threatened by another patron;
  • A patron is drunk, unconscious, or sleeping and cannot be awakened;
  • An adult is found violating Rule #12;