Director of Planning, Housing & Community Dev. named 2017-2018 President of National Community Dev. Association

New Bedford, Massachusetts– Patrick J. Sullivan, Sr., New Bedford’s Director of Planning, Housing & Community Development has been named the 2017-2018 President of the National Community Development Association (NCDA) at its annual business meeting this summer.

The association’s executive officers are recommended through the NCDA’s Nominations and Elections Committee, a membership-approved council or their peers.

“It is vitally important to me that we, as an organization, continue to build new partnerships and strengthen existing relationships,” said Sullivan. “I pledge to honor the great tradition of this organization and look forward to leading NCDA into future success.”

“It is a testament to Patrick’s experience and professional career, as well as his reputation in community development, that he has been named the national association’s president for 2017-2018,” said Mayor Jon Mitchell.

NCDA Executive Director Vicki Watson said Sullivan and his fellow executive officers bring knowledge and experience in community development, affordable housing and management.

National Community Development Association Executive Committee