Statement of New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell on offshore wind projects announced today

New Bedford, Massachusetts– Mayor Jon Mitchell issued the following statement regarding the selection of Vineyard Wind to build Massachusetts’ first industrial-scale offshore wind project off the state’s coast. The selection was made through a competitive process established by comprehensive energy legislation passed in 2016:

“Today marks an important milestone in New Bedford’s long effort to cultivate the development of the offshore wind industry here. With the selection of New Bedford-based Vineyard Wind as the developer of Massachusetts’ first industrial-scale offshore wind farm, we are witnessing the arrival of a 21st-century energy industry in the United States that holds great promise for both the environment and our port economy.

I congratulate the Vineyard Wind team on their selection and look forward to working closely with them to ensure the success of the project and maximize the benefits to Greater New Bedford.”

The Mayor also extended congratulations to Deepwater Wind on its selection by the State of Rhode Island to construct a 400-megawatt project in federal waters between Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

“The State of Rhode Island’s simultaneous decision to award a contract to Deepwater Wind is also a very positive development for New Bedford, and we look forward to building on our strong working relationship.”