Superintendent Durkin convenes Teacher Advisory Groups to
amplify teacher voice in district initiatives 


Educators across grade levels and disciplines selected to meet regularly with the Superintendent

New Bedford, MA – Superintendent Pia Durkin has established two new Teacher Advisory Groups (TAG) for the New Bedford Public Schools. Dozens of teachers, some recommended by principals and others identified by Dr. Durkin herself, will serve on the two groups – one representing elementary and middle schools, and the other representing high schools.  Dr. Durkin established the groups in order to amplify the voice of teachers in district decision-making. The educators represent a broad cross-section of subject areas and grade levels across the district. In the first K-8 TAG meeting held last month, 44 teachers were invited to participate. The high school group, which will focus largely on implementation of the Turnaround Plan for New Bedford High School, will begin meeting at the start of the school year. “It is critical for the voices of classroom teachers to be heard,” said Dr. Durkin. “These are the men and women who work directly with our students every day. They understand better than anyone the challenges and opportunities we face.”

Mayor Jon Mitchell stated, “The district could benefit directly by having a mechanism through which teachers can give unfiltered feedback of what’s happening before them in the classroom. The superintendent has always wanted input from teachers and has spent a lot of time with them.”

The TAG will meet at least quarterly over the course of the school year and provide feedback on major initiatives, such as the District Accelerated Improvement Plan (AIP) and modifications to the District Assessment Calendar. Dr. Durkin, as well as new Chief Academic Officer Jason DeFalco and other district leaders, will participate in TAG meetings to speak with teachers about district improvement efforts, and to hear their questions, concerns, and ideas.

Participants in the K-8 Teacher Advisory Group:

Manuela Abouchanab, Hathaway
Rebecca Alves, Hayden-McFadden
Patti Amaral, Pulaski
Jodie Braun, Normandin
Alison Buraczenski, Hayden-McFadden
Grace Cabral, Ashley
Renee Candido, Winslow
Cynthia Carvalho, Keith
Kim Cormier, Pulaski
Dorothy Costa, Winslow
Kim Daniels, Gomes
Nancy Davis, Renaissance
Saozinha “Sao” deOliveira, Roosevelt
Lynn Dessert, Lincoln/Campbell
Chris Donnelly, Normandin
Carolyn Dubois, Pacheco
Sherri Ewaszko, Winslow
Kristina Farrell Dahlene, Keith
Julie Ferreira, Carney
Donna Gadbois, Pulaski
Moira Greenson, Keith
Nikita Higgins, Hayden-McFadden
Judy Howland, Pulaski
Debra Kosboski, Carney
Linda Lemieux, Winslow
Julie Macrae, Roosevelt
Justine Medina, Carney
Americo Miranda, Normandin
Lynne Poitras, Hayden-McFadden
Susan Pratt, Ashley
Maria Reidy, Carney
Kara Reis, Winslow
Elaine Santos, Gomes
Vanessa Santos, Roosevelt
Micaela Shea, Roosevelt
Geraldine Sullivan, Keith
Vanesa Tavares, Lincoln
Tess Tieu, Pulaski
Cynthia Tougas, Parker
Lori Vastano, Keith
Daniel Viegas, Brooks
Emanuel Vieira, Rodman
Louise Weigel, Campbell
Stephanie Yermalovich, Hayden-McFadden

Participants in the high school group will be announced at the start of the school year.


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