Department of Planning, Housing & Community Development


The City of New Bedford’s Department of Planning, Housing and Community Development’s [DPHCD] website is a resource for city-wide programs, plans and possibilities in New Bedford. Comprised of three distinct divisions, the DPHCD’s work focuses on city planning, housing and community-based activities that strengthen the city and help develop strategies to increase the growth and prosperity of New Bedford’s residents.

________________       The Planning Division is responsible for providing sound, unbiased planning practices, resulting in the implementation of short and long-term plans and policies for the City of New Bedford, Planning administers and the local and state regulations regarding land use and land reuse, oversees the site plan review process for construction projects and reviews the proposed signage for compliance with the city’s sign ordinance. The Planning Division also provides primary staff support to the Planning Board, Historical Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals.

________________      The Housing Division administers a range of programs geared towards assisting folks with homeownership, rehabilitation, accessibility, emergency repairs and lead paint. Funding for these programs comes from both the federal government and state-wide programs, all of which are intended for households in low-moderate income ranges.

________________      The Community Development Division relies on federal dollars from the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development [HUD] in undertaking a wide range of community-based activities ranging from street improvements and demolitions to economical development and public services. Information specific to the City of New Bedford’s efforts around ending homelessness may also be found at the City of New Bedford Homeless Service Provider’s Network website at


the FY17 draft action plan fy17 is now available!

The Department of Planning, Housing & Community Development presents
a draft of the Action Plan FY17, available here.

Copies of the DRAFT ACTION PLAN FY17
are also available in several locations throughout the City. A copy is
available for public review at City Hall, the Main Branch of the New Bedford
Public Library, the Howland Green Library branch and the Wilks Library
branch. Additionally, a copy is available for review at the Department of
Planning, Housing & Community Development located at
608 Pleasant Street in downtown New Bedford.

Click here for the City of New Bedford’s
Community Preservation Committee

Click here for the City of New Bedford’s
Guide to Permitting


This website is a great resource of community-based programs, plans and possibilities in New Bedford. Regardless of which division you begin exploring, you’ll find ideas, activities and accomplishments that are integral to downtown and neighborhood revitalization activities for the City of New Bedford.