Roadwork Schedule

The City of New Bedford has roadwork sites for this upcoming week of December 1, 2014 – December 5, 2014 and they are as follows:

 The City of New Bedford – Department of Public Infrastructure

New Bedford / Fairhaven Bridge:

  • Please be aware of detours and traffic delays, follow signs posted.

Route 6, Route 140 & Brownell Avenue Project:

  • Remove and reset existing curb, installing new granite curb. Also, installing hot mix asphalt patches on Brownell Ave & Route 6. Temporary lane closures. Please follow Detours in place.


  • Water Division: The hydrant program will be in operation from 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday. Due to opening and closing of gate valves and the reverse flowing of water, there may be temporary water discoloration. Flushing will be within the area of Cove Rd from South Rodney French between East Rodney French to West Rodney French
  • Contactor working on miscellaneous items throughout project limits at the Intersection of Shawmut Ave & Hathaway Rd.
  • Installation of LED Lights City wide.
  • Working on miscellaneous items on Liberty St at Harrington Park.
  • Install new granite curb, remove & reset existing curb on Portland St between Brock Ave and East Rodney French Blvd. Also, excavate and grade sidewalks throughout project.
  • Install hot mix asphalt top course at intersection of Maple St and Chancery St.
  • Installing erosion controls and bridge repair work. Detour signs will be placed. Within City of New Bedford limits Interstate 195.
  • Installing drainage at Brooklawn Park just south of tennis courts.
  • Greenwood St from Hathaway blvd to Summit St excavation of soils.



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