Roadwork Schedule

The City of New Bedford has roadwork sites for this upcoming week of

April 22nd, 2019 – April 26th, 2019 and they are as follows:


  • Eversource will be replacing the gas main on the following locations:
  • County St from Pope St to Linden St
  • Pleasant St from Pope St to Franklin St
  • Taklin Hill from Church St to Worcester St
  • Ashley Blvd Intersection at Irvington St
  • Larch St from Hemlock to Bolton St
  • Myrtle St at Linden St
  • Weld St and Summer St
  • Durfee St. from Cottage St to Cottage St.


  • Contractor scheduled to work at the intersection of RTE 18 and Cove St. Police detail will direct traffic for lane closures and signage will be posted for sidewalk closures.
  • Contractor to work at Coggeshall St from Belleville Ave to Mitchell St. Work will include raising structures in the road for paving schedule for Friday April 26Th.
  • Contractor will be raising structures on Oak St (Dartmouth St to Grape St), Grape St (Oak St to Field St), Holly Tree Lane (Phillips Rd to Greenbrier Dr), and Collette St (Belleville Ave to N Front St).
  • Contractor to be paving large roadway patches throughout the City.
  • The Contractor is scheduled to continue replacing lead water services along Valentine St, Cove St, Mcgurk St, W. Rodney French Blvd, Welcome St, Cove Rd, and Stapleton St .Traffic may be reduced to one lane at times. It may also be necessary in some areas to close roads and detour traffic. Police details will direct traffic and signage will be posted.
  • The Contractor will be scheduling appointments and will have technicians visiting various locations throughout the city to replace meters and meter interface units (meter readers). Tuesday – Saturday (07:00 to 16:00). There will be no traffic control for this work.
  • The Contractor is scheduled to continue site work and utility installation at the Front St/ Elm St site and at the Merrimac St and Purchase St intersection. Elm St will be closed between JFK Memorial Highway (Route 18) and Macarthur Drive. The Detour will be via Macarthur Drive. Detour signage and traffic controls will be in place.   Department of Public Infrastructure will be filling potholes on a continuous basis throughout the city.
  • Please see the City of New Bedford website for additional street closings due to Special Events.

Night Work:

  • Monday April 22nd and Tuesday April 23rd(weather permitting) Contractor will be paving Route 18 (Cove St- Griffin Ct)during the hours 7:00 p.m- 6:00 a.m. Single lane closures only. Police details will direct traffic and signage will be posted.

High Hill Reservoir Rehabilitation Project:

  • During the ongoing construction at the High Hill Reservoir residents may experience discolored water. The water is safe and the discoloration will be temporary. We recommend allowing the water to settle for a few hours and then flushing your service line by letting the bath tub run for a few minutes until the water runs clear.

Street Sweeping:

New Bedford, Massachusetts– The Department of Public Infrastructure will conduct a major street sweeping program in the city, including a parking ban on designated sides of the street as listed below. The program will run from April 4 through November 1.

The street sweeping will operate on a bi-weekly schedule, at the following locations:

Street sweeping will occur on Thursdays from midnight to 6 a.m.

FIRST and THIRD Thursday of the month:

  • Dartmouth Street (from Matthew Street to Allen Street)
  • Kempton Street (from Rockdale Avenue to Sixth Street)
  • Mill Street (from County Street to Rockdale Avenue)
  • Rivet Street (from Route 18 to Hemlock Street)
  • Cove Road (from Brock Avenue to the Dartmouth town line)
  • Cove Street (from East Rodney French Boulevard to County Street)
  • Route 18 (from Cove Road to Cove Street)

SECOND and FOURTH Thursday of the month:

  • County Street (from Rivet Street to Cove Street)
  • Ashley Boulevard (from Nash Road to Coggeshall Street)
  • Acushnet Avenue (from Nash Road to Coggeshall Street)
  • North Front Street (from Nash Road to Coggeshall Street)

Failure to follow the posted street sweeping signs will result in vehicles being towed. During this timeframe, parking will be prohibited within the posted areas to allow sweepers full access to the curb line. These focused areas of sweeping are in addition to the regular, weekly scheduled street sweeping on the city’s main thoroughfares. Anyone with questions may contact James Costa of the Department of Public Infrastructure at 508-979-1550 ext. 67344.

structure at 508-979-1550 ext. 67344.