Observation Deck


Looking for a new “spot” to visit? Stop by New Bedford Regional Airport and visit our Observation Deck! Another rarity amongst commercial service airports, the Observation Deck provides a great view for plane spotting!

The deck can be accessed during daylight hours by an outdoor stair case located close by to the front door of the airport terminal. If you are facing the front (glass) doors of the terminal, the stair case is directly to the right. The deck provides a 2nd floor view of the runways and taxiways at EWB, directly overlooking the terminal ramp. Benches on the deck providing seating allowing visitors to sit and enjoy the view for a little while too. One of the main benefits of the Observation Deck is the ability to take pictures without an airfield fence getting in the way.

If you’ve never visited our Observation Deck or if it’s been a while since your last visit, we encourage you to stop by and check it out!

We see a vast fleet mix here at EWB, including some rarities, like this bright orange Pitts


We invite you to have a seat and enjoy the deck view of the observation deck and our runways and taxiways!

A beautiful Challenger jet taxiing in after landing


Helicopters and military aircraft also frequently visit EWB, such as this Coast Guard helicopter