Personal Property

Personal property values are assessed as of January 1st of the taxable year on the contents used to operate a business. Examples listed: Stock in trade, Machinery, Furniture / fixtures

Form Of List

A form of list is mailed annually, prior to January 1st by the Assessing Department for the current listed businesses. Form of lists may also be printed off the web or obtained from the Assessing Department. The taxpayer shall complete, and sign the form, and return it to the Assessing Department by March 1st.

Active or closed businesses are verified by a data lister who regularly visits business locations as part of the ongoing process.

There is a penalty for failing to file a form of list. A taxpayer’s personal property tax abatement request may not be granted unless the taxpayer can show good cause for failure to timely file.

Billing Process

Personal property bills are payable quarterly, (1st and 2nd quarters are estimated bills) mailed before June 30th. Actual bills, (3rd and 4th quarters) are mailed by December 30th.

Abatement Process

Taxpayer can dispute value by filing an overvaluation application obtained in the Assessing Department or printing the form off the web. The application can be filed after the 1st actual bill is mailed (by December 31st) of the taxable year and, is to be received in the Assessing Department by close of business on February 1st. If the application is mailed, the envelope must be post marked by the United States post office with the February 1st date.