Mayor Jon Mitchell Reaches Agreement with Acushnet to Improve Recreational Facilities in Lake Street Area

New Bedford, Massachusetts – Mayor Jon Mitchell has submitted to the City Council for approval a 25-year Intermunicipal Agreement with the Town of Acushnet which would allow for improvements to waterside public recreational facilities in the Lake Street area of Acushnet.

Under the Agreement, the City, which owns the Lake Street Pond System and associated property in Acushnet, will authorize the Town to upgrade existing public recreational areas located on the City’s property.  Both New Bedford and Acushnet residents will continue to enjoy access to the waterside facilities.

Slated improvements include the creation of parking lots and a beach, clearing brush, establishing walking trails, outfitting the pond with fishing docks, creating a playground area enclosed with a fence, and creating a gathering area equipped with in-place Hibachi-style grills and picnic tables.

The Agreement is currently pending before the City Council Property Committee and will be considered at a future meeting, to be scheduled.