New Bedford Adds State-of-the-Art Ladder Truck to Fire Department Fleet

New Bedford, Massachusetts – The City of New Bedford has added a state-of-the-art, $1.15 million ladder truck to the New Bedford Fire Department fleet, representing a significant upgrade to fire protection and emergency services in the North End.

The 100-foot Ladder 4 made its public debut at the City’s 9/11 remembrance Saturday, where it helped display the City’s 75-foot American flag, and will officially go into service Thursday, based in Station 8 at 1499 Acushnet Ave. in the North End.

“The acquisition of the new ladder is part of the City’s long-term Capital Improvement Plan, which enables us to modernize our equipment and facilities at a rapid pace and support our firefighters and first responders, while at the same time conserving taxpayer dollars,” Mayor Jon Mitchell said.

The city was able to acquire the truck at slightly below the originally budgeted cost estimate. NBFD Acting Chief Scott Kruger said the new Ladder 4 is able to pump 1,000 gallons of water a minute and is outfitted with world-class equipment including a new thermal imaging camera, high-intensity LED lighting, a powerful electric generator and a heavy-duty steel ladder.

“It’s an understatement to say that this truck is a huge upgrade in our fire protection capabilities not only in the North End, where it will primarily protect, but also the city as a whole,” Kruger said.

The new Ladder 4 is the “New England” edition of Pierce Manufacturing’s ladder truck, with outriggers that extend just 2 feet to each side, for easier deployment on narrow streets often found in older cities such as New Bedford.

Ladder 4 also is the first new ladder truck to run out of Station 8 since 1989.

The new truck is able to carry a variety of rescue equipment used by the department, including jaws of life. Firefighters respond not only to fires, but also to natural gas emergencies, hazardous materials incidents, severe car accidents, and other emergency situations.

“The men and women in this department do great work, and it’s great that the Mayor and City Council were able to allocate the funds necessary to supply us with a much-needed, state-of- the-art ladder truck,” Kruger said. “It’s going to serve the city well.”