About Government Access Television – Channel 18

Channel 18 is for Government Access Programming. Any New Bedford elected official, appointed official or City Department Head is eligible for Government Access Programming. There are no endorsements of political candidates, parties, or ballot issues or participation by any political candidate or supporter(s) for the purpose of campaigning or otherwise soliciting public support for any candidate, party, or ballot issue in a political election.

Types of programs aired on this channel include programming of an emergency nature involving public health or safety matters, mayoral press conferences, state of the city addresses, and other speeches. City council meetings are broadcast in their entirety as are board or commission meetings of significanct public interest. Public forums on particular issues may also be run if all sides have an opportunity to participate.

Government Access Programming – Channel 18 – 508- 979-1775
918 S. Rodney French Blvd. – New Bedford, MA 02744 – Tel: 508-979-1775 – Fax: 508-979-1764