COUNCILLOR Dana Rebeiro – Ward 4

dana_rebeiroMy name is Dana and this is a little about me. I went to high school at Brimmer and May school for Girls where I played sports, and studied ballet, theatre and piano. After graduating I attended Howard University in Washington D.C. where I majored in literature and double minored in communications and political science. Throughout high school and college I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Japan, and Greece. After finishing school I interned on a film called Fresh as an assistant to the director and the love affair began. I loved the life on set it was a society within a society and if all the elements came together the finished product could literally inspire people. The producer of the film was also shooting Pulp Fiction and as both of the films traveled to festivals I went along for the ride.

My first paying job was on Die Hard New York as a production assistant. I had just moved to New York and within a few hours went from unpacking to closing down a street for special effects to blow up a building. Everyday on set I was amazed at how the set would transform a busy street to a car chase, a shootout and for a moment everything stopped. I always looked at the people looking at us and wondered what they thought of it all? I continued in film and worked on music videos (Count On Me by Whitney Houston), commercials, TV shows (NY Undercover) and an assistant to producers. I have learned and can honestly say some of the best lessons were not the how to’s but the how not to’s. I should probably thank the producer that yelled at me and cried because she hated my coffee; from her I learned how not to behave and how not to treat people. I left New York and moved to California in search of a new chapter. I began to work as a media liaison for a production company that produced concerts. In my free time I traveled to Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. I loved Los Angeles but eventually I had to return to the east coast, so I moved back to New York.

I wrote as a freelance writer and produced a hip-hop showcase called the Underground Railroad. My proudest moment during this time was when my business partner and I met a family displaced by Hurricane Katrina and we were able to raise over two thousand dollars during one show for them. Members of the audience pledged to continue to support the family that had been on their roof without help for days; eventually they made their way back. I became involved with radio and was offered an associate producer position for a small station. I was obsessed with the tragedies of Darfur and wanted to assist in anyway. One of my favorite actors Sean Penn has a great quote, “ You want to make God laugh, tell him your plans for the next few years.” I went home to New Bedford and found Darfur was in my own backyard with a rash of unsolved shootings. I returned to New Bedford in a few months and produced a feature documentary and several shorts in an effort to spark change. I was fortunate to connect with several like-minded people and slowly things are improving. I am so happy to be home and I am ready for a new chapter and new adventures.