Housing Accessibility Program

This program is funded by the City’s Community Development Block Grant program. It provides financial assistance to new eligible applicants with physical disabilities to assist them with the remove and/or alteration of architectural barriers to make their New Bedford home handicap accessible. Housing Accessibility Program Application.

Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants include owner occupants meeting HUD income limits and tenants of investor-owned properties that meet the HUD income guidelines. Tenant’s gross annual household income cannot exceed 80% of the median family income for New Bedford as determined by HUD. (See HUD Income Limits)


This program features a direct grant reimbursement up to a maximum of $12,000 and is disbursed upon the approved completion of the project.

Eligible Activities

Funding is generally used to install handicap ramps, lifts, remodeling of bathrooms for handicapped accessibility and to undertake alterations to doorways, etc.