Constituent Services Liaison and Ombudsperson for Elder & Disabled Services

The Office of Human Services staff includes a Constituent Services Liaison, Ombudsperson for Elder & Disabled Services and Neighborhood Liaison. These positions focus on addressing the needs of New Bedford elders, persons with disabilities and low-income residents of the city.

Nora Andino, Constituent Services Liaison, is a bi-lingual staff (Spanish) member who:

  • Provides case management, information & referral services to constituents with emphasis on the Latino Community.
  • Networks and collaborates on clients behalf
  • Processes referrals for constituents to social service agencies, religious, profit and non-profit community organizations
  • Helps to facilitate city and community services for those with a language barrier
  • Attends agency and community meetings
  • Collaborates with other agencies/ organizations

Phone: 508-979-1516 0r 508-961-3136
Office hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
City Hall, Room 119

Para informacion en Espanol llame al

Pauline Macedo, Ombudsperson for Elder & Disabled Services, provides:

  • I & R to N.B. low-income residents about local, state and federal programs
  • Assists with housing related matters, Snap Benefits etc.
  • Non-legal translations/interpretations (Portuguese)
  • Serve as a liaison on behalf of City Departments and constituents for their needs
  • Collaborates with other Social Service Agencies by attending agency & community meetings.

Contact: Pauline Macedo
Phone: 508-961-3135
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm; City Hall, Room 219
Home, Hospital and Nursing Home Visits available upon request

  • Para informação em Português chame o Escritório pelo tel. 508.-961-3135.

Sunset Social

The Sunset Supper & Social is a 16-week program for “downtown” seniors and residents with disabilities.

Hosted by the Office of Human Services, 35 participants gather weekly for a nutritious meal with an opportunity for socialization at Grace Episcopal Church of New Bedford (community room-side entrance) from 4:30 – 700 pm. This program gives elder residents who don’t usually venture out at night the opportunity to gather one evening a week in a safe and comfortable environment. Downtown seniors (62+) and residents with disabilities are invited. This program is funded by The City of New Bedford.   Pre-registration is required.

Fall Session –Sept. 8th – November 3rd Completed
Spring Session – May 4th 2017 – June 22nd 2017
Pre-registration – April 24th 2017

Contact: Pauline Macedo
Phone: 508-961-3135

  • Para información en Español llame la Oficina de Asuntos Culturales a 508-979-1516.
  • Para informação em Português chame pelo tel. 508-961-3135.

John Lobo, Neighborhood Liaison, provides:

  • Provides assistants to Neighborhood Groups, attends meeting, solves Neighborhood issues
  • Assist with special projects.
  • Assist residents with quality of life issues.
  • Collaborates with other agencies/ organizations.
  • Process referrals from constituent to City Departments.
  • Coordinate Graffiti removal.

Phone: 508-979-1692
Email: John.Lobo@newbedford-ma.govOffice hours: Mon. – Fri. 7:30-4:30 City Hall, Room 220