Human Relations Commission



To promote mutual understanding and respect among all citizens of the city and to assure equal opportunity for all, through education, research and investigation, and collaboration. To aid and assist in the enforcement of Mass General Laws Chapter 151B and 151 C sections 92A and 98 of Chapter 272 and section32 of Chapter 121B



 Estella Ribeiro Chairperson
Marcus Chumack Member
Jeff Costa Member
Bethany Fauteux Member
Herb Johnson Member
Maria Rosario Member
Martin Bentz Member
Zoe Hansen-Dibello Member
Marci Pina-Christian Executive Director & Human Services Coordinator

Our Mission

The mission of the Human Relations Commission is to;

  • Advocate for the human and civil rights of all residents of the City of New Bedford
  • Educate the public about their rights and create greater awareness of human rights issues
  • Intake, mediate , or refer complaints of human rights violations
  • Outreach – Work with public and private organizations to increase compliance with local state and federal laws and raise the level of awareness and sensitivity to human and civil rights issues

Contact: Marcelina Pina-Christian
Human Services Coordinator and Executive Director of Human Relations Commission
Address: City Hall Room 113
Phone: 508-979-1464
Fax: 508-991-6262
Hours: Mon-Fri. 8:30-5:30

Meetings are held the third Wednesday of the month at 6:00 pm in Room 314 at City Hall.  If you would like to come before the commission or contact the commission, you can email or call the office at 508-979-1464.

Section 2-130 of the City Code: established 10/26/76.

Consists of nine members, each of whom shall reside or be employed in the City of New Bedford. Commission members shall serve without compensation and shall be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council for THREE YEAR TERMS.

The New Bedford Human Relations Commission congratulates Captain Joseph Cordeiro on his promotion to Chief of Police for the City of New Bedford, MA. Captain Cordeiro served as Chair of the New Bedford Human Relations Commission in 2012. Click here for the full story.

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