Neighborhood and Community Outreach Unit – (NCOU)


The Community Outreach Unit is comprised of representatives of the Community Service Department and was developed with the intention of being proactive to residents needs in the community. The NCOU, which meets weekly, attends all neighborhood meetings and special events in the community. The purpose of attending all events and meetings is to represent the City of New Bedford, and bring back information to be disseminated or to have questions answered. The Unit also responds to constituent’s needs in the community and assist those with extenuating circumstances.

This unit includes a Constituent Services Liaison and Ombudsperson for Elder & Disabled Services. These positions, funded by the City of New Bedford & the Office of Housing & Community Development, focus on addressing the needs of New Bedford’s elders, persons with disabilities, non/limited English Speaking low-income residents, victims of discrimination and many other quality of life issues.

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Nora Andino, Constituent Services Liaison, is a bi-lingual staff (Spanish) member who:

  • Provides case management, information & referral services to constituents with emphasis on the Latino Community.
  • Assists Constituent with housing needs
  • Processes referrals from constituents, social service agencies, religious, fraternal and community organizations
  • Assists City departments with constituent needs
  • Attends agency and community meetings that pertain to constituent needs
  • Collaborates with other agencies/organizations

Phone: 508-979-1516
Office hours: M-F 8 AM – 5 PM City Hall, Room 219

  • Para información en Español llame al 508-979-1516 o 508-961-3136

John Lobo – Neighborhood Liaison

  • Provides assistants to Neighborhood Groups, attends meeting, solves Neighborhood issues
  • Assist with special projects.
  • Assist residents with quality of life issues.
  • Collaborates with other agencies/ organizations.
  • Process referrals from constituent to City Departments.
  • Coordinate Graffiti removal.

Contact: John Lobo
Phone: 508-979-1692
Office hours: Mon. – Fri. 7:30-4 City Hall, Room 220

Pauline Macedo, Ombudsperson provides:

  • I & R to N.B. low-income residents about local, state and federal programs
  • Assists with housing related matters, Snap Benefits etc.
  • Non-legal translations/interpretations (Portuguese)
  • Serve as a liaison on behalf of City Departments and constituents for their needs
  • Collaborates with other Social Service Agencies by attending agency & community meetings.

Contact: Pauline Macedo
Phone: 508-961-3135
Office Hours: Mon thru Fri 8 AM – 5 PM; City Hall, Room 219
Home, Hospital and Nursing Home Visits available upon request

  • Para informação em Português chame o Escritório pelo tel. 508-961-3135.

Marci Pina-Christian, Human Services Coordinator (Neighborhood Outreach, Human Relations:

  • Attend and provide support to neighborhood initiatives
  • Facilitate NCOU weekly meetings
  • Liaison to city council on neighborhood issues
  • Editor of neighborhood and community newsletter
  • Host monthly neighborhood cable show
  • Lead mediator and coordinator of Face to Face Mediation Program


Neighborhood Update can be viewed on Cable Access Channel 18 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday’s 11:00 am and 8PM Have a community program that you will like to promote? We would like to here from you.
Contact: Marci Pina-Christian
Office Phone: 508-979-1464
Fax: 508-991-6262