Butterfly Project


What is the Project About:

The Butterfly Project is an interactive program  organized for young girls in grades 4th and 5th from Lincoln school. This project has a dual   meaning: it strengthens the girls involved and unites them to each other to involve them more in the community. The program also aims to provide an outlet for young girls to get informed about? and promote community groups.

Our strengths-based, skill building approach creates a safe space for girls to address risky behaviors, build on protective factors, and improve relationships in a format that interests and engages girls.

The Butterfly Project is a way for the girls to grow like caterpillars and come out of their cocoons,   becoming beautiful butterflies in a way that they can be proud and feel beautiful in their own body. The second meaning of the Butterfly Project is the idea that a butterfly landing on a leaf can affect the way events happen in the world. In the same way the things the girls learn and experience will affect the way they act and treat others, to positively change the life of another person without even realizing the impact their actions have.

The butterfly is a beautiful feminine symbol that in itself can help young girls love themselves for who they are.

Project Topics

Girls build their leadership skills and create lasting social change through community action projects, and learning the history of our city. There are also be Dance, and Art Lesson during the program.

WHO:      Students from Lincoln & Swift School

WHERE:   St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
169 Belleville Road, New Bedford

WHEN:     October 17 — June 7
2:30pm until 5:00pm.
Wednesdays Afternoons

STAFF:       Monica Castro-Santos
Office Phone: 508-997-4889
Work cell phone: 508-245-9679

Olga Rodriguez
Office Phone: 508-997-4889
Work cell phone: 508-985-8347

Butterfly Project Brochure