Director of EMS Michael Thomas EMT-P, RN

Deputy Director of EMS David Zander EMT-P

Field Operations

We operate four trucks 24/7 with impact trucks. Our frontline vehicles respond to over 20,000 calls for service a year. Providers respond to calls for service an begin treatment bedside, bringing the emergency room to you. Providers can perform electrocardiograms, intubations, and deliver life-saving medications. These vehicles are supported by a Shift Supervisor and an ALS Chase Vehicle.

  • Medic 1 based out of NBEMS Headquarters
  • Medic 2 based out of Public Safety Complex
  • Medic 3 based out of NBFD Station 9
  • Medic 4 Based out of NBFD Station 5
  • Medic 6 Impact truck
  • EMS-4 Supervisor
  • Paramedic – 1 ALS Chase Vehicle
Special Operations

New Bedford EMS provides medical coverage for special events and assists law enforcement with specialized emergencies.

  • Special Events Details
  • Bike Team
    • Special Reaction Team
    • Underwater Recovery Team
Training and Professional Standards

EMS providers practicing medicine must continuously be trained in advancements in paramedicine. Training includes continuing education, Mobility and Mortality Rounds, and specialized equipment or skills.
All calls are reviewed in our quality assurance and quality improvement process.
NBEMS has been involved in research that has been used to shape statewide treatment protocols.