Walsh Field

The City of New Bedford is committed to protecting health, safety, public welfare and the environment during the performance of investigative and response actions at the Parker Street Waste Site, which includes New Bedford High School, Keith Middle School, the wetlands adjacent to Keith Middle School, the Nemasket Street Lots, and six residential properties purchased by the City of New Bedford.

Parker St. Waste Site Activities This Week

Fact Sheets

Response Action Outcome (RAO) Statements

  • RAO – Walsh Field – May, 2011

Text, Tables, Figures, and appendices A-B, D-G

Appendix C – Lab Reports

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09E0288_SP 09E0470 09F0254 09F0303
09F0389 09F0391 09G0028 09G0129
09G0282 09G0354 09G0440 09H0427
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LIMT-23293 LIMT-23294 LIMT-23295 LIMT-23296
LIMT-23297 LIMT-23300 LIMT-23302 LIMT-23303
LIMT-23316 LIMT-23317 LIMT-23318 LIMT-23319
LIMT-23320 LIMT-23321 LIMT-23322 LIMT-23323
LIMT-23400 LIMT-23402 LIMT-23426 LIMT-23427
LIMT-23428 LIMT-23429 LIMT-23430 LIMT-23459
LIMT-23460 LIMT-23461 LIMT-23465 LIMT-23512
LIMT-23529 LIMT-23572 LIMT-23659 LIMT-23687
LIMT-23788 LIMT-23793 LIMT-23794 LIMT-23795
LIMT-23796 LIMT-23819 LIMT-23844 LIMT-23888
LIMT-23957 LIMT-24034 LIMT-24070 LIMT-24170
LIMT-24248 LIMT-24376 LIMT-24385 LIMT-24621
LIMT-24793 LIMT-24805 LIMT-24827 LIMT-24865
LIMT-25033 LIMT-25087 LIMT-25101 LIMT-25137
LIMT-25213 LIMT-25214 LIMT-25228

Release Abatement Measure (RAM) Reports – Walsh Field

Release Abatement Measure Reports – Varsity Diamond

Interim Phase II and Phase III Reports

Immediate Response Action Reports – Soccer Field

Immediate Response Action Reports – Varsity Field

Data Summary Report and Sampling Results

Walsh Field Fence Improvements