Wetlands Remediation

The City of New Bedford is committed to protecting health, safety, public welfare and the environment during the performance of investigative and response actions at the Parker Street Waste Site, which includes New Bedford High School, Keith Middle School, the wetlands adjacent to Keith Middle School, the Nemasket Street Lots, and six residential properties purchased by the City of New Bedford.

Wetlands Phase IV
Parker St. Waste Site Activities This Week
KMS Wetlands Temporary Solution Statement

Fact Sheets


Comprehensive Reports

Stage I Environmental Screening and Stage II Environmental Risk Characterization

Immediate Response Action Reports – PCB contaminated Wetland Sediments

Sampling Data and Regulatory Approvals for Wetland Assessment and 2006 Cleanup

Wetland Inspections

Work near the Wetlands


Lab data for sampling files is available at the Environmental Stewardship Office due to size.