Curbside Yard Waste Collection

Grass, Leaves, and Twigs

ABC Disposal seasonally collects grass, leaves, and twigs on a weekly basis. In 2022, weekly curbside yard waste collection begins the week of April 4th and ends the week December 12th. Grass, leaves, and twigs are collected on the business day following the regular trash and recycling collection:  Curbside Yard Waste Collection

Monday Solid Waste Collection       →       Tuesday Grass Collection
Tuesday Solid Waste Collection       →       Wednesday Grass Collection
Wednesday Solid Waste Collection   →     Thursday Grass Collection
Thursday Solid Waste Collection       →     Friday Grass Collection
Friday Solid Waste Collection          →        Monday Grass Collection

Grass, leaves, and twigs are accepted loose in barrels and/or biodegradable brown lawn and leaf bags. Do not use cardboard boxes, plastic trash bags, or the City-issued trash and recycling carts.

Branches & Brush

ABC Disposal seasonally collects branches and brush on the last Wednesday of each month.

This collection is by appointment only. Please contact ABC Disposal at (508) 999-2619 to schedule an appointment.

Branches and brush need to be bundled and tied. Individual branches must not exceed four inches in diameter. Branches and brush must be securely tied in a bundle that does not exceed four feet in length and two feet in diameter.


Contact Information

Department of Facilities and Fleet Management
(508) 979-1520
questions about curbside recycling, curbside solid waste and drop-off recycling, missing and damaged carts, ordering extra recycling carts
ABC Disposal
(508) 999-2619
questions about the curbside solid waste collection, curbside recycling, bulky waste appointments, brush appointments, yard waste pickup, and missed stops