Graffiti Free New Bedford

Keeping the City of New Bedford a clean, safe, and attractive place is the foundation to a high quality of life. One way of maintaining the City’s attractiveness is by removing destructive graffiti from the City’s public and private buildings. Mayor Jon Mitchell’s graffiti prevention and removal campaign “Graffiti Free NB ” aims to combat and deter vandalism by making reporting options for citizens quick and easy.

Graffiti Reporting Options

SeeClickFixMobile App – Download NB Connect onto your smart phone by searching “SeeClickFix” in the Apple or Google Play Store. This will allow you to upload photos of graffiti and report vandalism directly to city government.

For step-by-step instructions on how to use SeeClickFix, please refer to the Apple and Android guide links below.

Apple Guide

Android Guide

SeeClickFix Online – If you do not have a mobile device, report graffiti by visiting the SeeClickFix reporting page on the City of New Bedford website.

Department of Public Infrastructure – Report graffiti over the phone by calling Donna Amado in the Department of Public Infrastructure at 508-979-1550 ext. 506.

Graffiti Reward Program

The City will issue a reward of $500.00 to anyone who provides material information leading to the apprehension and conviction of anyone who has defaced public or private property with graffiti. To report information regarding graffiti vandalism, please call the New Bedford Police Department at 508-991-6300.

Graffiti Free NB Toolkit

Graffiti Free NB Brochure – learn more about Mayor Mitchell’s graffiti prevention and removal campaign

Removal of Graffiti Agreement and Release of Liability Form – If graffiti is on private property, property owners must complete this Release of Liability Form before the City can remove graffiti

Mural Program

To engage local artists and to combat vandalism, the Office of the Mayor, in partnership with 3rd Eye Unlimited, the UGLY Gallery and NB Beautiful, will be sponsoring a new mural program. Murals created through the mural program will beautify New Bedford while exhibiting the work of local artists. For more details please contact the Mayor’s Office.