Tobacco, Alcohol, and Substance Use Prevention Program


The New Bedford Health Department’s Tobacco, Alcohol and Substance Use Program seeks to protect the health of all people in our community by reducing the flow of tobacco and nicotine products, alcohol, and other substances to underage youth, and reducing substance use by people of all ages.

The New Bedford Board of Health (BOH) strives to reduce the flow of tobacco and nicotine products to underage youth and to prevent harmful use overall, by strictly enforcing compliance with state law and local regulatory and assessment measures. Tobacco regulations aim to prevent illness related to smoking and vaping, and to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke in the workplace and public spaces.

The Health Department's Tobacco Compliance Program seeks to improve the health of the community by reducing the access of tobacco and nicotine products at the retail level to youth under 21.

  • Tobacco Regulations

New Bedford Board of Health: Prohibitions on Smoking in Workplaces and Public Spaces

New Bedford Board of Health: Restrictions on the Sale of Tobacco and Nicotine Products

       Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR): Minimum Standards for Retail Sale of Tobacco and Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems

  • Resources for Quitting:

Time to Quit -MA Quitline


For Tobacco Permit Renewals, the New Bedford Health Department uses OpenGov, an online permitting system. OpenGov allows users to submit forms, pay fees, and track approval progress.  Click here:


Adult-Use & Medical Marijuana Establishments: The New Bedford Health Dept. assists prospective marijuana establishments in completing the necessary steps needed to receive a Certificate of Compliance letter from the New Bedford Board of Health (submission/board approval of Odor Control Plan, Emergency Response Plan, and Health Impact Assessment) which is a required document prior to receiving final licensure from the New Bedford Licensing Board.

 Marijuana Regulations: Regulation to Ensure the Sanitary and Safe Operation of Adult-Use Marijuana Establishments and the Sale of Adult-Use Marijuana

The New Bedford Health Department participates in the state’s MassCALL3 program, which works to prevent and reduce substance use among youth. The program particularly focuses on “substances of first use,” such as alcohol, nicotine and cannabis. Through the program, the Health Department is establishing equitable practices and policies for prevention, as the foundation of a strategic prevention plan that emphasizes engagement with historically under-represented groups. MassCALL3 is the third award of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s Collaborative for Action, Leadership and Learning (MassCALL) Substance Misuse Prevention Grant Program. The state program is supported by funding from the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

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