New Bedford Age Friendly Initiative – Housing Resources Guide – Promoting Aging in Community

The City of New Bedford and its Office of Housing & Community Development has collaborated with community partners in developing the New Bedford Age Friendly Initiative- Housing Resources Guide- Promoting Aging in Community.

Information relative to Renting/Rental Properties, Home Ownership and a range of other resources including the prevention of homelessness, legal assistance, utility assistance, disabilities and pets—just to name a few—are included in this document.

 Access the Housing Resources Guide Here!


This publication is presented in good faith and is intended for general guidance only. Neither the City of New Bedford nor Coastline Elderly Services endorse, recommend, guarantee, warrant or assume any liability for the performance or lack thereof by any of the resources identified within this document. Users of this guide must make independent determinations as to the suitability of the information for their own purposes. Information presented within the publication is accurate as of November 2020.