The Management Information Systems (MIS) Department’s primary responsibility is the planning, management and improvement of the technology infrastructure, telecommunications, and business applications that support the Municipality’s business objectives. Working in conjunction with all other municipal departments/agencies, the MIS Department provides the overall leadership, oversight, and direction for municipal departments to more cost-effectively and efficiently deliver services to their customers through information technology and business process automation.

In addition, the MIS Department is responsible for all data processing work related to the production of employee paychecks, municipal bills, accounts payable checks, budget preparation, accounting reports, and more. The department also designs, develops and maintains the official City of New Bedford web site with a goal of providing current and accurate information to our citizenry.

Additionally, MIS also manages and maintains the City’s in-house electronic mail system along with several other network management and application servers. This department also provides all repair and maintenance, as well as end-user training, of the City’s personal computers, printers and peripherals.