Services & Permits Information

You Need A Building Permit When—

  • The improvement you contemplate will change your home’s use or “occupancy” from, say, a single family to a multi-family dwelling.
  • You build a carport or garage, or convert the garage you have to another use.
  • You plan to wall in, roof, or attach a patio to your existing house.
  • The pool you’re building is deeper than 24 inches.
  • You build a retaining wall more than 4 feet high.

New Construction Permit Process:

Foundation permit – 2 week waiting period Residential (One & Two family) New Construction and Additions
Submittals Needed: Alterations
Building permit application Porches: 1 Porch, 2 Porches, 3 Porches
Proposed site plan  4 or more Porches
Building plans (3 sets) Multi-Family (Three or more Units) New Construction and Additions
Sewer entry Alterations
Water entry permits Steps and/or Platforms
Building Permit – no waiting Windows or Doors
Submittals Needed: Commercial and Industrial New Construction and Additions
Building permit application Alterations
As-built site plan Steps, Platforms, Loading Docks

Approved building plans from fire prevention

Building Permits are required by law for:

Accessory Building, Aluminum Siding, Awnings and Canopies, Carports, Change of Use – – (Residential, Allowed Use), Commercial, Change of Tenant – (Commercial), Chimney, Circus, Carnival, Amusement or Concession Units, Decks, Demolitions, Driveways, Fire Escapes, Fireplaces, Foundations Residential, one and two-family, Commercial, Garages, Pools, Relocation (House Move), Roofs, Satellite Dish, Siding, Regular, Signs: Residential, Allowed use Commercial Portable or Temporary, Solar Systems, Temporary, Devices, Use Certification, Wood Stoves, Oil Heat, Kennels (Three or more Dogs), Other Permits Residential Commercial, Re-Inspections (Call Backs), Plan Review.

Plumbing Permits required for:

New Residential, Single-family Dwelling Units, Multi-Residential, Condos, Apartments, etc., Alterations and Additions – Residential, New Commercial and Industrial Buildings, Alterations and Additional -Commercial, Single Appliances or Devices: Central Heat (Water connections, including tankless), Domestic Water, Heater (Gas or Electric), Back-flow Preventers, Solar Systems, Demolition, Mobile Homes, Gasoline Traps, Acid Waste, Inspection of incomplete or defective work, All work started without a permit.

A tag must be placed on every installation. Extensions or new services must be tested with Inspector present.

Gas Permits required for:

When installing New Mains, appliance connected to it (including, Mobile), Installations over 500,000 BTU’s, for each additional 100,000 BTU’s, Temporary heat (warm air) – Installation, Salamanders and like units – Installation, Roof Top Heaters, Unit Heaters, Space Heaters, Gas Dryers, Gas Ranges, Grilles, Ovens, Conversion Burners, Fryolators, Pool Heaters, Central Heating, New or Remodeling will be considered one (1) fixture, including Tankless Boiler, Re-Inspection of incomplete or defective work, All work started without a permit. FEES WILL BE DOUBLED PAYABLE BEFORE INSPECTION.

A tag must be placed on every installation. Extensions of new services must be tested with the Inspector present. Gas Test – Residential, Gas Test – Commercial, Tenant Appliance Inspection Request, Building Inspection of Plumbing and Gas Request.

Health Department

The Public Health Division is responsible for promoting general good health practices in the City of New Bedford. Services to the citizens are coordinated through the Public Health Nurses, the City’s Laboratory, the Lead Paint Inspector, the Immunization Clinic and the Tobacco Control Program.

Fire Prevention Bureau

Smoke detectors are required by law for all residences. You may qualify for a free smoke detector. Call the Fire Prevention Bureau for more details on this program and others at 991-6120.

Engineering Department

Building a new home? You’ll need a sewer permit from the Engineering Department. Driveway installation or repaving an existing driveway also requires a permit. For more information call 979-1527 (8-4 pm).

Assessors maps or partial copies of maps are available through this department for a nominal fee.

Conservation Commission

For more information, follow this link to our website “Environmental Stewardship


Call Dig Safe at 1-888-DIG-SAFE for more information.