The Paul A. Cyr History Room provides access to the Special Collections of the New Bedford Free Public Library and is open to the public for non-circulating use of materials.
Patron registration helps us preserve the historical materials and review collection holdings.


1. The History Room is available to patrons who are actively using the collections. Patrons must sign in/out on the visitor registration log on the front cabinet.

2. Food and drink are prohibited in the History Room.

3. Coats, bags and closed cases (handbags, backpacks, computer cases, expandable folders), as well as outside books, original manuscripts and photographs are not permitted in the History Room. Locked cabinets are available to secure patrons’ personal items. Staff is not responsible for loss of personal items.

4. Patrons may bring pencils, note paper, and laptops into the History Room. Use of pens and colored pencils is not permitted.

5. All materials should be handled with care due to rarity and fragility. Patrons must not bend/fold materials, add/erase marks, stack, lean, press down, or write on top of items. Tracing and rubbing are prohibited. Staff monitors the use of all materials and will assist patrons using the collections as necessary.

6. Keep all records in their present arrangement within a folder; loose pages will stay in order if turned like pages in a book.

7. All materials must be reviewed by History Room staff before they may be reproduced. Copying of fragile or oversize materials may be restricted at staff discretion.

8. All materials are to be returned to staff for re-shelving/re-filing.

9. The patron assumes sole responsibility for any infringement of literary rights, copyrights, or other rights which pertain to the materials.

Patron agreement with the above guidelines is recognized by completing the visitor registration log.