Buttonwood Senior Center to Become Adult Social Day Care Center Starting March 6th

Brooklawn Community Center and Rosemary Tierney Community Center to Once Again Become Traditional Senior Centers 

Due to increasing demand for adult social daycare slots and declining participation at the Buttonwood Senior Center, the New Bedford Council On Aging has decided to turn the Buttonwood Senior Center into a consolidated Adult Social Day Care Center. Brooklawn Community Center and Rosemary Tierney Community Center, the current sites for the City’s adult social daycare programs, will once again become traditional senior centers.

The Adult Social Day Care Centers at Rosemary Tierney Community Center at Hazelwood Park and the Brooklawn Community Center are at or nearing capacity. The consolidated Buttonwood adult social day facility would raise capacity from 55 to about 80 participants, and reopening the Rosemary Tierney and Brooklawn sites as traditional senior centers will allow for expanded and more frequent offerings.

Since 2016, average daily attendance at the Buttonwood Senior Center has declined 70% as seniors increasingly have pursued activities elsewhere. The current attendance levels do not require the larger space available at Buttonwood.

“By bringing the centers back to the neighborhoods, we are able to offer nearly two times the desired exercise classes we currently offer at Buttonwood,” said Debra Lee, the Director of the Council on Aging. “The COA’s mission and charge is to enhance and update services as the needs arise, and this change speaks and responds directly to that.”

The last day for seniors to attend Adult Day Care in the North and South Ends will be Thursday, March 2nd. Both adult social day programs will be treated to a moving party at Fort Taber Community Center on Friday, March 3rd. Opening day for the Buttonwood Adult Social Day Care Center will be Monday, March 6th. Both of the senior centers at Rosemary Tierney and Brooklawn Park will be opened on March 6th – which will give those interested a chance to stop by and fill out a survey indicating the activities they would like to see there. The grand opening at Rosemary Tierney will be on Friday, March 17th,  and the grand opening at Brooklawn will be on March 24th. Both grand openings will include a free, catered lunch. Reservations are required.

For more information call the Council on Aging offices at (508) 991-6250.