Mayor, Police Chief Announce $5,000 Signing Bonus for New Police Officers

New Bedford, MassachusettsNew Bedford, Massachusetts–Mayor Jon Mitchell and Police Chief Paul Oliveira have announced the establishment of a $5,000 signing bonus for incoming police officers, as part of an effort to address challenges in recruiting and hiring new officers.

“As has been widely reported, police departments across the country are facing staffing shortages as they struggle to recruit and retain officers and unfortunately, New Bedford has not been spared,” said Mayor Mitchell. “Although the department has intensified its recruiting efforts and taken steps to utilize existing manpower more efficiently, we need to do more. We believe that these signing bonuses will be more reason for qualified candidates to join the New Bedford Police Department.”

“Hiring bonuses are an important tactic in our efforts to hire police officers in the current environment,” said Police Chief Paul Oliveira. “Along with the recruitment video we are currently producing, an event during which we will take a practice civil service exam with prospective hires, and our outreach to high-school and college events, we are taking critical steps necessary to replenish our staffing.  This hiring bonus is just one of several tools at our disposal, but it is an essential one.”

The bonuses will be offered until the department sees a substantial recovery in its staffing levels. Officers accepting the bonus will be required to remain with the department for at least five years.