New Bedford Parking Study

The City of New Bedford has launched a parking and transportation study of the Downtown and the Waterfront.

The Study

In a joint effort between the city’s Traffic Commission and Harbor Development Commission, the City is engaged in an assessment of the parking needs of an extended downtown area and portion of the waterfront. The study is being undertaken by Stantec Consulting Services, and is jointly funded by MassDevelopment and the City.

Stantec will review and analyze existing parking conditions including parking inventory, utilization, policies, management, regulations, and pricing, and analyze the parking supply and demand compared to existing land uses. The Parking Study will help ensure that the parking system is consistent with the City’s revitalization goals.


Data and feedback will be collected from residents, visitors, business owners and stakeholders to understand how the current parking supply is used. The data and feedback collected will be used to create a set of strategies and implementation steps to improve the parking system. Specifically, the study will address:

  • Existing areas of low and high parking demand throughout downtown and the Waterfront
  • Parking management and governance structure
  • Future parking needs as the City continues to develop
  • Practical strategies to address parking needs
  • Parking technologies such as pre-payment systems and enforcement; and
  • Fiscally responsible parking management measures

Parking Survey

Thank you for taking the parking survey! In order to determine the needs of the community, your input was essential. The survey results will assist in identifying opportunities and potential improvements to the parking system. The survey was launched on the city’s website in February, and closed on March 30, 2018

Please check back!

Please be sure to revisit this page for information about upcoming events and study materials!