Street, Sewer and Other Permits


The following fees are in effect:

Sewer Connection Permit $450.00
Sewer Main or Sewer Extension Permit $450.00 plus $4.00 per linear foot
Driveway Permits $150.00 per opening
Sidewalk Permits $50.00 (if no driveway is installed)
Bonded Contractor Application Fee $200.00 (plus a total of $5,000.00 in surety deposits)
Water Permits (which includes the following:)

Application Fee
Water Inspection Fee
Water Turn on Fee
Water Meter Couplings 3/4″
Water Meter Couplings 1″
3/4″ service will cost a total of $500.00
1″ service will cost a total of $500.00
New Fire Supply Service $465.00
Water Main or Extension $450.00 (plus $4.00 per foot)
Investigation Fee $60.00
Curbing removed by Bonded Contractors – $30.00 per foot

Bonded Contractors will need a separate check when applying for Street Disturbance & Obstruction Permit for the installation of a driveway brow that requires curbing to be removed.

Bonded Contractor will receive their check back when curbing is delivered to DPI Yard. Contractor will then come into the office with slip from Tim Lobo for check to be returned to them. If the curbing is not returned within 30 days, DPI will deposit the check, and the Contractor will forfeit their money back.