Street, Sewer and Other Permits


The following fees are in effect:

Sewer Connection Permit $450.00
Sewer Main or Sewer Extension Permit $450.00 plus $4.00 per linear foot
Driveway Permits $150.00 per opening
Sidewalk Permits $50.00 (if no driveway is installed)
Bonded Contractor Application Fee $200.00 (plus a total of $5,000.00 in surety deposits)
Water Permits (which includes the following:)

Application Fee
Water Inspection Fee
Water Turn on Fee
Water Meter Couplings 3/4″
Water Meter Couplings 1″
3/4″ service will cost a total of $500.00
1″ service will cost a total of $500.00
New Fire Supply Service $465.00
Water Main or Extension $450.00 (plus $4.00 per foot)
Investigation Fee $60.00
Curbing removed by Bonded Contractors – $30.00 per foot.

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