Treasurer’s Office

The Treasurer/Collector Office sends and collects Real Estate, Personal Property, Motor Vehicle and Boat Bills. The Treasurer’s Office also collects all incoming monies from all departments in the City of New Bedford.

The Treasurer’s Office handles U.S. Passport and Photo Services. For more information Click Here.

The Treasurer’s Office collects Utilities bills Monday – Friday from 8 am to 12 noon.

The Tax Title Office places all outstanding taxes on agreements to be paid in a timely manner, if payments are not made or no agreement can be reached, a foreclosure process is done.

The Tax Title Office will also be doing Abutter Lot properties in the near future.

The Treasurer’s Office also handles all short term and long term investments and borrowings for the City, as well as, all the daily banking activity.

Department Divisions:

Tax Title – (508) 979-1429

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