The Community Preservation Committee voted to recommend to City Council 11 projects, totaling $1,145,011 in FY2020 CPA funding.  These projects are in three of the CPA categories: historic resources, community housing, and recreation; all projects will benefit the City and its residents.

The CPC received twenty-one applications during the FY2020 CPA application cycle, seeking a total of just over $3.3 million. In deciding how to allocate the $1,145,011 in FY2020 CPA funds available, the CPC evaluated the twenty-one projects against the priorities in the FY2020 Community Preservation Plan and took into consideration other relevant factors such as the amount of funding available, the ability to fully or partially fund projects, and the distribution among the CPA categories.  Details regarding the FY2020 cycle and the recommended projects can be found in the FY2020 CPC Funding Recommendation to City Council.

Community Preservation Committee


Members  Representation
Janine da Silva, Chair
 Historical Commission
Arthur Glassman Planning Board
Sylvia Gomes, Clerk
 General Public
Peter Blanchard
 Conservation Commission
Paula Deare Robinson Planning Board
Melissa Chester-Letendre  General Public
Ross Nunes Vice Chair
Tim Walsh  Housing Authority
Christopher Amaral General Public













For CPA Information or Questions, email CPA@newbedford-ma.gov

fy20 cpa application presentation

fy20 cpa application

FY20 Community Preservation Plan & FY19 Annual Report