Emergency Management

Who we are

The New Bedford Emergency Management Department is a full-time public safety agency of New Bedford local government consisting of paid staff and volunteers. Formerly known as Civil Defense, the agency was created in 1950 by Chapter 8 of the New Bedford Code of Ordinances.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a comprehensive and integrated emergency management system that coordinates community resources to protect lives, property and the environment though mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery from all natural and manmade hazards that may impact the City of New Bedford.

What we do

  • Coordinate Emergency Management activities for the City of New Bedford
  • Maintain and update the city’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan – the city’s general emergency operations plan that covers a variety of hazards to which the community is vulnerable.
  • Work with other city department, agencies and task forces developing a variety of related emergency plans and procedures.
  • Coordinate local government response and recovery operations during a major emergency or disaster in conjunction with the city’s Mayor.
  • Maintain and operate the city’s fixed-site Emergency Operations Center and Mobile Command Center vehicle.
  • Conduct community disaster education activities.
  • Monitor severe weather watches, warnings and special statements issued by the National Weather Service and provide this information to other local government departments including public safety and public works agencies.
  • Serve as staff support for the New Bedford Local Emergency Planning Committee for Hazardous Materials.
  • Provide assistance and support to New Bedford’s public safety and other government agencies through the activities of New Bedford Emergency Management volunteers