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Liquor License Transaction Application Packets

All liquor license applications must be submitted in paper to this office for approval by this Board and the ABCC, which includes applications for the issuance of a New Liquor license, Current Liquor License Transfers, or for any changes (amendments) to an existing license.

Prior to starting any application, please contact the Licensing Board Director (Christine Amaral), so that he may instruct you as to how to proceed in preparing your liquor license applications.


Per the New Bedford Licensing Board & the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission

95 Fourth Street, Suite 3

Chelsea, MA 02150-2358



The Licensing Board consists of 3 members. These individuals are residents of the City who are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council.


  • Edmund F. Craig, Jr., – Chairman
  • Marcelino “Sonny” G. Almeida, Commissioner
  • Ricard Rezendes, Commissioner

Types of Licenses issued by the License Board:

  • MV Class I – New Car Dealer
  • MV Class II – Used Car Dealer
  • MV Class III – Junk Car Dealer
  • MV ABS – Auto Body Repairs
  • Innholder – Motel/Hotel
  • Lodging Houses
  • Fortune Teller
  • Common Victualler (Rest.) – Food Service Establishment
  • Music – Radio, TV, Jukebox, etc.
  • Entertainment – DJ, Band, Karaoke, Live Performances
  • Automatic Amusement Devices – Pool Table, Video Games, etc. (Coin Operated)
  • City I.D.’s
  • Licenses to Sell Alcoholic Beverages – All Alcoholic Restaurants, Wine and Malt Restaurants, All Alcoholic Hotels (Innholders), All Alcoholic General On-Premise, All Alcoholic Clubs, All Alcoholic Package Stores, Wine and Malt Package Stores, Special One-day Permits. New Bedford Licensing Board Rules & Regulations
  • Sale of Alcoholic Beverages for Thanksgiving Eve, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and New Years Day

The Licensing Board operates in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws of Chapters 138 and 140, the Rules and Regulations of the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (204 CMR) and the City of New Bedford Licensing Board; as well as with other applicable City of New Bedford Ordinances. It is the Licensing Board’s responsibility to consider the impact of its approval in the granting of new or the renewal of existing licenses, and the impact said license will have in the neighborhood, as well as to the overall betterment to the City of New Bedford. The Licensing Board also conducts violations hearings as warranted to ensure the public’s safety. It is the Board’s intention to be proactive rather than reactive, to maintain an active presence in the community through inspections with the Police, Fire and Building Departments.

The Licensing Board holds regular monthly meetings.

Timeliness of Filing:

Applications for licenses to sell alcoholic beverages or changes thereto, and all other licenses must be filed at least sixteen (16) business days prior to a scheduled meeting. The final complete application (with all information and supporting documentation) must be received by the Licensing Office twelve (12) business days prior to a scheduled meeting to be placed on the meeting agenda. If these deadlines are not met, the application will not be placed on the agenda. Instead, it will be placed on the agenda for the following month.

The number of Licenses to Sell Alcoholic Beverages is determined by the population. At the present time, the City of New Bedford is over quota in all categories with the exception of Wine and Malt Package Stores.

License Commission Meeting Page

The Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission website is:

M.G.L. Chapter 138, Section 10A:

The local licensing authorities shall file with the commission, on or before February fifteenth next following a license year in which the granting of licenses for the sale of any alcoholic beverage was authorized, a full report of their action during said license year, with the number of licenses of each class granted, and the revenue thereof, together with the established schedule of fees for all classes of licenses. Said report shall contain a list of all violations of law by licensees which came to their attention, and their actions and findings with reference thereto.

2021 Annual Report

2022 Annual Report