Neighborhood Task Force

Mayor John Mitchell“The Neighborhood Improvement Task Force has been pulling out the roots of crime: garbage, graffiti and run-down properties, across the City. Before I took office, neighborhood decay had accelerated in part because certain large absentee landlords had purchased tenements out of foreclosure, disregarded housing codes and allowed the properties to become rundown. They had turned a deaf ear to law abiding neighbors who had complained again and again. The task force has made them sit up straight…”

– Mayor Jon Mitchell, State of the City 2013

The Task Force invites the public to use this website to help combat the effects of absentee landlords on our neighborhoods. Explore the links to learn more about the Task Force and what code violations we enforce. Use our report violation page to submit photographs of violations and to help us fight back against absentee landlords. Help be part of the solution.