Task Force Introduction

City of New Bedford Map

West End South End Acushnet Heights North End

Since the Task Force’s inception, we have conducted a number of neighborhood sweeps and special operations. During the neighborhood sweeps, we choose varying geographical areas and go street by street looking for code and trash violations. At these times we are accompanied by members of DPF, who help sweep clean the streets. Members of Animal Control, the Police Department and Traffic are also present to lend a helping hand.

Additionally, we have done a number of special operations. These activities have been driven by complaints from private citizens and input from the New Bedford Police Department. We have visited and corrected several troubled properties which the Police and private citizens have identified as problematic.

The following sections contain some of the properties that we have visited during our general sweeps and special operations. These sections contain only a portion of the overall violations that we have corrected. As we proceed in our activities, we will posts more pictures.


Feel free to browse the city map that will guide you to before and after pictures of some of our successes.