” I want to thank you for all the wonderful work the Task Force has done over the past few years! I emailed about the graffiti covering the garage doors at the rear of the Sacred Heart Nursing Home and a cleaning truck was there in two days! It’s been clean ever since and makes a huge difference to look and feel of our neighborhood.”

– Lori Bradley

“The New Bedford Mayor’s Task Force is a great tool for residents who care about our great city! I have used it many times with generally good results. The addition of Lindsay Carter as a coordinator has been a great addition to the program, she is very involved and cares about the issues just as we do.”

– Michael Cabral

“I don’t normally write testimonials, but here goes: the task force in New Bedford, is above amazing, let me start by saying went on the Mayors web site, and filled in all the blanks, I explained how the property at 322 sawyer street was beyond bad, trash cooking stove, broken toilet demolition debris and so much trash in plastic bags just piled high, and they have children playing in the yard running through the debris, I guess no one cared, then I said if they don’t why should I, well why should I said if no one did anything, can you imagine what New Bedford would be like.

This web site started a few weeks ago, which was great, this way I could say what I had to and not bother the people from the work, that would clean up this property, I got a call from Diane with a follow up, confirming they did indeed get the complaint, so refreshing, it wasn’t long when I noticed windows being replaced, the yard where the mess was, cleaned and also the side yards, that was a bonus. All the neighbors commented and were so happy, I am 70 years old, and if I can use the web site anyone could, and I use spell check a lot, I walk 3-4 miles a day with my neighbor and I told him that when we walk, seeing we cover most of the North End if you see something, take a picture and send it, and if you need help I would help, he is also 70, this is the best thing ever, everyone can get their complaints in, within 5 min. how cool is that. Thank you again. “

– Janine Paulino

“I wanted to say Thank You for all your help with my next door neighbor. It is very difficult to work with a landlord who does not live on the property. I was unable to contact the owner, but you did the job and thanks to this new task force a danger has been averted. Within in less than a week I was contacted and in another few day the entire job was completed. This branch was definitely a danger but now it is gone. GREAT WORK!! This task force and the web site itself is a great addition to the city of New Bedford. ”

– Carol VerCammen

“I would like to commend the task force for their work. The sweeps have targeted many problem properties and brought many owners into compliance. I hope to see this continue and to see more results in the future. Thank you to all!! ”

– June

“The task force handled my issue swiftly and firmly and the problem has been rectified. I’ve had to deal with issues with the City years ago and can’t say it was half as good as this experience! I requested my sidewalk be fixed approximately 8 years ago at my other property at 190 Whitman St and I’m still waiting for a response. This issue at 15 Jocelyn St was taken care of within 4 days of being notified along with numerous follow up phone calls from your department. It’s nice to see a change in office and employees taking pride in their positions when helping the tax payers of New Bedford. Job well done thank you again!”

– Derek Frakes

“I would just like to give support to the Task Force and would like to say that it is a great supplement and tool for the Police Department. I believe that the Task Force is instrumental in assisting our officers with problem locations.”

– New Bedford Police Captain Dennis Hebert