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Program Monitor

Admin Coordinator

STEP Program Monitor Supervisor, STEP Program Monitor

Park Ambassador

Parking Lot Supervisor, Parking Lot Asst. Supervisor, Parking Lot Attendants

Waterfront Supervisor, Asst. Waterfront Supervisor, Head Lifeguard, Lifeguards

KSDP Director, KSDP Asst. Director, KSDP Nurse, KSPD Group Leader, KSDP Counselor

Play in the Park Staff Site Monitor, Play in the Park Staff Site Supervisor

Our Mission is to enhance the quality of life for residents through safe, structured and accessible programs & spaces.

The Parks Recreation & Beaches Department is dedicated to planning, implementing, and supervising recreational, educational and cultural activities designed to enhance and improve the quality of life for all city residents. Our office promotes the engagement in and constructive use of all open and recreational spaces by the residents of the City of New Bedford and provides safe, well-maintained, and aesthetically pleasing parks, playgrounds, and outdoor recreation facilities. The City of New Bedford Parks Recreation and Beaches works in collaboration with other city departments to accomplish this mission while preserving our natural resources, promoting conservation, and educating city residents on our natural environment.

The department provides year–round recreational and educational programs for New Bedford residents in an environment that is safe and supportive for both youth and adults to explore their talents, build self esteem and empower healthy decision making. The health and wellness of people in New Bedford is dependent upon our recreational facilities, natural resources, and opportunities. The positive experience of this engagement enriches and strengthens the fabric of our community for today and the future.

The department manages over 30+ parks, playgrounds, beaches, and recreational facilities through the governance of the Park Board of Commissioners.


The Parks, Recreation & Beaches Department is a proud member of:

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