City Solicitor’s Office / Law Department

The City Solicitor is responsible for the examination of all titles to property, all deeds, obligations, contracts, bonds, leases, conveyances, agreements and other legal instruments, of whatever nature, which may be required by any ordinance or order of the city council, or by any board or officer to which the city or its agents may be a party, and the drafting of which by law, usage or agreement is to be at the expense of the city. All orders for the laying out, discontinuance, change or improvement of streets, for the taking of lands for any municipal purpose whatsoever, for the assessment of betterments, and all other forms of assessment, shall be drafted by the City Solicitor or under the City Solicitor’s direction or approval.

It is the duty of the City Solicitor to commence and prosecute all actions and other legal proceedings and suits begun by the city, and to defend all actions and suits brought against the city in any court or other tribunal of the Commonwealth, or of the United States; also to appear as counsel in any other action, suit or prosecution which may involve the rights and interests of the city, and to defend any of the officers of the city in suits and prosecutions against them for any official action, or the performance of any official duty, when any right, privilege, ordinance, act or direction of the city council may be brought in question. The City Solicitor’s Office provides general legal advice and counsel to the Mayor and all City Departments, Boards, and Commissions.

The City Solicitor investigates all claims made against the city and administers the same in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 258, or other applicable provisions of law. How to file a claim? (you are only able to fill out and print this form, you are unable to electronically submit it).

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