Historical Commission




 The New Bedford Historical Commission (NBHC) is the city authority responsible for community-wide
historic preservation planning.


The NBHC was established in 1972 to protect the unique physical character, historic fabric and visual identity of the city, and in addition has the following responsibilities:

  • Serves as the Historic District Commission, regulating development within the Local Historic District by acting as a design review body.
  • Administers the city’s Demolition Ordinance, advising the City Council and other city agencies on the historical significance of sites and buildings proposed for demolition throughout the city.
  • Cooperates with and advise city boards, committees, departments, and administration in all matters relating to historic preservation.
  • Advises and assists owners of historic buildings in the city, providing sound and reliable information for the treatment and care of historic properties.

District Review

New Bedford has one local historic district, the Bedford-Landing Waterfront Historic District. The NBHC reviews changes which affect the exterior of a property or its setting within this District. Before starting any exterior work within this District, the property owner must file an application and receive the approval of the NBHC.


Regular commission meetings occur monthly and are typically held in Room 314 City Hall. When contemplating changes applicants are encouraged to consult the Design Guidelines and contact Commission Staff.


The Planning Department provides staff support for the NBHC and manages the city’s preservation efforts. For further information please contact NBHC Staff.






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