Planning Board

Planning Board Members
Arthur Glassman, Chair
Peter Cruz, Vice Chair
Kathryn Duff
Alexander J. Kalife, Clerk
Kamile Khazan
Associate Member
Shayne Trimbell

The New Bedford Planning Board consists of five members and one associate member, all appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council, and is responsible for approving special permits, site plan reviews, approval not required (ANR) plans, and subdivision plans. These approvals require input from several other City departments and divisions, coordinated by Planning staff. The Planning Board hears cases during public meetings, typically on the second Wednesday of the month.

Meeting schedules, agendas, and a complete list of forms and fees are available on the dropdown menu above. General submission guidelines are below.

Submission Instructions:

  1. Digital pre-submission review is required for all applications: Digital submissions are required for review prior to submitting hard copies. No electronic submissions will be reviewed after NOON on the Wednesday before the Friday Deadline listed on the meeting schedule. Email applications to:
  2. Physical copies are due at NOON on the Friday deadlines on the meeting schedule: Approved, complete applications must be received by the Department of City Planning (City Hall, 133 William Street, Room 303), by NOON on the Application Submittal Deadline.
  3. Cases are scheduled on first come, first serve basis: Cases are scheduled in the order they are received.
  4. Building permit rejection packet is required: Applications for the Planning Board will not be accepted without a denied building permit application from the Department of Inspectional Services (DIS). Contact DIS for questions regarding your rejection packet.
  5. Certified Abutters Lists are required for all applications: Abutters lists may take up two weeks to produce. Please plan accordingly and contact the Planning Department to request assistance.