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The CPA FY20 Application period is now open. The first step is to submit the Eligibility Determination Form by 12:00PM, Friday, September 20, 2019. A fillable copy of this form is available for download below. It is important to download the document first and save the file to your computer before you begin to type in the form.

Completed Eligibility Determination Forms and applicable attachments can be emailed to Once the Eligibility Determination Form has been emailed on time, you will receive a confirmation email when staff has recorded the submission. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED!

The Eligibility Determination Form is the only form available for submission at this time. Do not submit a Project Application until you have been invited to do so. Additional information on the entire application process is located below in the document CPA FY20 Application Instructions.

FY20 Community Preservation Plan & FY19 Annual Report


FY20 Application Technical Workshop PowerPoint Presentation


FY20 CPA Application Instructions

FY20 CPA Eligibility Determination Form – Due September 20, 2019 by noon

CPA FY20 Project Application