Project Review

The Department of Planning, Housing and Community Development’s Preservation Planner is the
first stop in the project review process. Types of review include Demolition Review for alterations
to, or demolition of buildings and structures city-wide over 75 years of age, and Local Historic District Review
for exterior alterations within the Bedford –Landing Waterfront Historic District. Other types of review, including commenting on Section 106 projects or other historic preservation related projects, are also provided by the Preservation Planner and the New Bedford Historical Commission.

Before starting any exterior work within the Bedford-Landing Waterfront Historic District, the property
owner must file an application and receive the approval of the NBHC. When the NBHC approves the
project, they issue a Certificate. You must have a Certificate in order to apply for a building permit for exterior work in the historic district. A certificate is required whether or not a building permit is also required.


Anne Louro : Preservation Planner 508-9791488 x7180

Bedford-Landing Waterfront Historic District