City Winter Storm Guide

During a full snow emergency, snow removal is performed by a combination of plows from the Department of Public Infrastructure and Department of Facilities and Fleet Management. A total of one hundred and fifteen (130) plow trucks varying in size from large 10 wheel dump trucks to 4×4 Pickup trucks, from these departments are utilized in the snow removal operation. The City is divided into 35 areas and the two (2) departments are responsible for areas which are assigned specifically to them. In addition, these departments have twenty-four (24) pieces of heavy equipment that can be mobilized in the event of a large storm or blizzard.

Property Owner’s Responsibilities

  • Every owner or occupant of a building or lot of land abutting upon a sidewalk in any street or public place in the city shall cause to be removed from such sidewalk within a reasonable time after such snow has ceased to fall….(Sec. 22-15.)
  • No person shall remove snow or ice from any sidewalk, street or private property and cause it to be placed onto a sidewalk, which abuts another property or onto another person’s property without the express permission of the respective property owner. (Sec. 22-15)
    NOTE: To Private Contractor’s Conducting Snow Removal
  • Any person who shall place snow or ice upon any street, except that removed from a sidewalk, shall cause the same to be spread evenly, and no snow or ice shall be thrown or put into a street or upon a bridge contrary to the orders of the Commissioner of Public Facilities. (Sec 22-17).

Snow Emergency Parking Ban

  •  “…when it is determined by the Superintendent or the Commissioner of the Department of Public Facilities that the extent of a storm will call for more than normal operations, the Mayor of the City of New Bedford will be requested to issue an emergency proclamation.”
  • Announcements of such a proclamation will be made on local radio and television stations.
  • When an emergency snow plowing proclamation is issued, the following regulations will be in effect:
  • Parking is permitted on the side of the street that is opposite the fire hydrants. No vehicle should be parked on the same side of the street as a fire hydrant except on streets that are regularly posted for parking on one side of the street only. In posted areas, residents are to obey the signs as usual.
  • (Parking is allowed on the north side of all streets going east and west and on the east side of all streets going north and south. Please note that on the streets which are regularly posted for parking on one side of the street only, residents are to obey the signs as usual.)
  • As conditions warrant, violators of this parking regulation will be subject to a citation ($50.00), and towing / storage fees.
  • Personnel engaged in snow plowing or removing operations are authorized to ignore one-way street signs: therefore, the public is warned to be on the alert for this condition and to exercise caution.
  • The emergency order shall remain in effect for 48 hours unless further extended.

Designated Parking Areas During Snow Emergencies

  • Victory Park – Brock Avenue
  • Hazelwood Park – Brock Avenue
  • Cove Street Parking Lot – Cove Street and Morton Court
  • Orchard Street at Camara Soccer Field
  • Buttonwood Park Parking Area – Hawthorn Street Side and Lake Street Side
  • Former St. Mary’s Home – Entrance on Mill Street
  • Coggeshall Street Parking Lot – Coggeshall Street and Acushnet Avenue
  • Sawyer Street Parking Lot – Between Sawyer Street and Beetle Street
  • Brooklawn Park Parking Area – Brooklawn Street (South Side)
  • Riverside Park Lot – Coffin Avenue
  • Coffin Avenue Lot- Across from Taber Mills Apartments
  • Alma del Mar Charter School (former Ottiwell School) – 26 Madeira Avenue
  • Former AVX site on Bellville Avenue at Hadley Street
  • Former Philips Avenue School – 249 Phillips Avenue
  • Elm Street Garage
  • Zeiterion Garage – 688 Purchase Street
  • New Bedford High School – 230 Hathaway Boulevard
  • Keith Middle School – 225 Hathaway Boulevard
  • Normandin Middle School – 81 Felton Street
  • Roosevelt Middle School – 119 Fredrick Street
  • Charles S Ashley Elementary School  – 122 Rochambeau Street
  • Elizabeth Carter Brooks Elementary School – 212 Nemasket Street
  • Elwyn G Campbell Elementary School – 145 Essex Street
  • Sgt Wm H Carney Acad Elementary School – 247 Elm Street
  • James B Congdon Elementary School – 50 Hemlock Street
  • John B DeValles Elementary School – 120 Katherine Street
  • Alfred J Gomes Elementary School – 286 South Second Street
  • Ellen R Hathaway Elementary School – 256 Court Street
  • Hayden/McFadden Elementary School – 361 Cedar Grove Street
  • Horatio A Kempton Elementary School – 135 Shawmut Avenue
  • Abraham Lincoln Elementary School – 445 Ashley Boulevard
  • Carlos Pacheco Elementary School – 261 Mt. Pleasant Street
  • John Avery Parker Elementary School – 705 County Street
  • Casmir Pulaski Elementary School – 1097 Braley Road
  • Thomas R Rodman Elementary School – 497 Mill Street
  • William H Taylor Elementary School – 620 Brock Avenue
  • SEA LAB/John Hannigan Elementary School – 91 Portland Street
  • Jireh Swift Elementary School – 2203 Acushnet Avenue
  • Betsey B Winslow Elementary School – 561 Allen Street

Parking in the North End Business District

  • When a Snow Emergency is declared and a parking ban is imposed, there will be no parking on either side of Acushnet Avenue – from Coggeshall Street to Tarkiln Hill Road – in order to clear snow curb to curb.

Parking in the Downtown Business District

  • When a Snow Emergency is declared and a parking ban is imposed, there will be no parking on either side of the streets between the area of Sixth Street to Water Street, Spring Street to Middle Street – in order to clear snow curb to curb.

When does snow plowing begin???

  • Snow plowing crews are called to duty as the accumulation of snow reaches three (3) inches.

New Bedford Public Schools Closure and/or Delayed Opening Announcements

New Bedford Public Schools will notify radio and television stations of closures or delayed openings by 6:00 AM. These announcements will be available on news media outlets listed below.

Please do not call the Police Department, Fire Department, School Department, or radio/television stations.

Snow Storm Emergency Information

Parking ban, school closure and other storm-related emergency information will be made available through the following media outlets:

Radio Stations:

  • WBSM 1420 AM
  • WSAR 1480 AM
  • WFHN 107.1 FM
  • WJFD 97.3 FM

Boston and Providence Television Stations:

  • Boston Channels 4, 5, 7 and 25.
  • Providence Channels 6, 10 and 12.

Emergency information will also be available on New Bedford Cable Access Government Channel 18.

Parking ban information will be posted on the Standard Times and the City of New Bedford websites.

Important Phone Numbers
EMERGENCY – Police / Fire / Ambulance 911
Police – Routine Business 508-991-6300
Fire – Routine Business 508-991-6105
Ambulance / Emergency Medical Services – Business 508-991-6390
Emergency Management 508-961-3060
Department of Public Infrastructure 508-991-6150
City Government
Mayor’s Office 508-979-1410
City Hall (MAIN #) 508-979-1400
City Council 508-979-1448
Department of Public Facilities Office 508-979-1520
City Yard 508-991-6133
Department of Public Infrastructure 508-979-1550

Sand Barrel Locations


  • 205 Middle Street next to Driveway of Church
  • Third District Court – South Side – Middle Street
  • Third District Court – North Side – Kempton Street
  • Federal Building – Middle Street
  • Post Office – South Side of Middle Street
  • New Bedford Hotel Apartments – 725 Pleasant Street
  • Fire Station #2 (Headquarters) – 868 Pleasant Street
  • City Hall – Sixth Street Side
  • City Hall – Pleasant Street Side
  • Market Street and Sixth Street
  • Spring Street and Pleasant Street
  • Purchase Street and Union Street
  • Union Street and Acushnet Avenue
  • So. Second Street and Spring Street
  • So. Second Street and Union Street
  • 250 Elm Street – Opposite Carney Academy
  • Elm Street Garage – Second Street
  • Elm Street Garage – Acushnet Avenue
  • Custom House Square at Ticket Booth
  • South Water Street and Hamilton Street
  • Center Street and Front Street
  • School Street and Purchase Street
  • School Street and So. Sixth Street
  • School Street and County Street
  • County Street and Union Street
  • County Street and North Street
  • Summer Street and North Street
  • Summer Street and Hillman Street
  • 561 Purchase Street – Verdean Vets Hall
  • State Pier – East and West Sides
  • 286 Pleasant Street – Driveway of Church
  • Popes Island Marina
  • Pope Street side of Common Park
  • Spring Street and Purchase Street
  • 60 Eighth Street – Market Ministries

South End

  • Willard Street and West Rodney French Boulevard
  • Cable Access Building – So. Rodney French Boulevard
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Fire Station #11 – Brock Avenue and Mott Street
  • 90 David Street – Washington Club
  • Howland Green Library – Rodney French Boulevard
  • Rockdale Avenue and Dartmouth Street
  • Bolton Street and Rivet Street
  • Bonney Street and Rivet Street
  • 132 Jouvette Street – in front of Church
  • County Street and Rivet Street
  • Fire Station #6 – Purchase Street
  • Fair Street and County Street
  • Rockland Street and County Street
  • Thompson Street and Crapo Street
  • Wing Street and County Street
  • Bedford Street and Sixth Street at Fire Museum
  • Bedford Street and County Street
  • Cherry Street and Sixth Street
  • Madison Street and County Street
  • Walnut Street and Acushnet Avenue
  • Maple Street and Atlantic Street
  • Page Street and Bedford Street
  • Maple Street and Reed Street
  • Plymouth Street and Palmer Street
  • Wing Street and Acushnet Avenue
  • 175 Caroline Street
  • So. First Street and Delano Street
  • Acushnet Avenue and Grinnell Street
  • Delano Street and So. First Street
  • Blackmer Street and Front St

North End:

  • Campbell School – Essex St and Phillips Rd
  • Welby Road
  • Phillips Road and Pine Hill Drive
  • Crapo Hill Landfill – “Scale Area”
  • Manilla Street and Acushnet Avenue
  • Tobey Street and Acushnet Avenue
  • Norfolk Street and Acushnet Avenue
  • 1523 Sassaquin Avenue
  • Fire Station #5 – Acushnet Avenue
  • St. Theresa’s Church – Acushnet Avenue
  • Tarkiln Hill Road and Ashley Boulevard
  • Balls Corner- Mill Road and Belleville Avenue
  • Fire Station #9 – Tarkiln Hill Rd and Ashley Blvd
  • Police Station #3 – Ashley Boulevard
  • Ashley Boulevard and Princeton Street
  • St. Joseph’s Church – Ingraham St and Acushnet Ave
  • Wilks Library – Acushnet Avenue and Princeton Street
  • Belleville Road and Hope Street
  • Acushnet Avenue and Hathaway Street
  • Fire Station #8 – Davis Street and Acushnet Avenue
  • Davis Street and Ashley Boulevard
  • Coffin Avenue and Acushnet Avenue
  • Deane Street and Ashley Boulevard
  • Bullard Street and Acushnet Avenue
  • Acushnet Avenue and Sawyer Street
  • 180 Sawyer Street
  • 10 Kilburn Street
  • Beetle Street and No. Front Street
  • 266 No. Front Street
  • Coggeshall Street and Ashley Boulevard
  • Coggeshall Street and Purchase Street
  • Cedar Grove Street and Purchase Street
  • Linden Street and County Street
  • Fire Station # 7 – Durfee Street and Cottage Street
  • Sacred Heart Nursing Home- Studley St and Summer St
  • Adams Street and Summer Street
  • Sawyer Street and Mt. Pleasant Street
  • Shawmut Diner – Shawmut Avenue and Hathaway Rd
  • Gardner Street and Roseanne Street
  • Pamela Drive and Carriage Drive
  • Parker Street and Rockdale Avenue
  • Durfee Street and Rockdale Avenue
  • Buttonwood Library – in Driveway
  • Reed Street and Kempton Street
  • Liberty Street and Kempton Street
  • Ash Street and Hillman Street
  • EMS Department – Chancery St. inside parking area
  • Emerson Street and Maxfield Street
  • Emerson Street and Sycamore Street
  • County Street and Smith Street
  • County Street and Sycamore Street
  • County Street and Campbell Street
  • Parker Street and County Street
  • Merrimac Street and County Street
  • Pleasant Street and Franklin Street
  • Pleasant Street and Willis Street
  • Purchase Street and Campbell Street
  • Purchase Street and Pearl Street – Overpass
  • Purchase Street and Wamsutta Street
  • Acushnet Avenue and Pearl Street – Overpass
  • Visitor’s Center – Pier 3
  • Mt. Pleasant Street and Nash Road
  • Airport at Administration Building Rotary
  • Airport – Near Avis Lot
  • Weld Street and Myrtle Street


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