Roadways and Public Spaces

Central to the quality of life for all New Bedford residents is the continuous maintenance and improvement of the city’s public spaces. The efficient administration of city services, as well as a dedicated Capital Improvement Program has helped to stabilize the city’s aging infrastructure, ensure the safety of pedestrians and drivers on our streets, and maintain and expand parks and beaches citywide.

Annual Road Maintenance

The City of New Bedford has 337 miles of roadway. Between FY 2015 and 2018, the City conducted 32 major road improvement projects and pre-treated city streets for 15 snow events. During the same time period, the City resurfaced 34,349 linear feet of roadway and repaired 42,796 potholes.

Parking Availability in New Bedford

The City strives to ensure that its roadways are safe for drivers and pedestrians and that ample parking is available when you reach your destination. Both metered parking as well as parking garage space is available downtown and metered parking is also available in the city’s north end.

Green Spaces

In FY 2015, Mayor Mitchell initiated a citywide tree planting effort with the goal of planting 500 trees per year. Since that time, some 2,300 trees have been planted citywide. Additionally, the City executed a street sweeping program in FY 2017, more than doubling the yards of debris removed from public spaces annually.

Trees Planted Annually

Yards of Debris Removed